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Exclusive Secrets and Tips

Ready to warm up!

like every day, as you probably know, we don’t start any of our workout routines without doing our 5 to 10-minute warm-up.

You will gradually and automatically know that a proper warm-up is vital to boost your chances of success and make workouts more effective.

Start out by doing your HTW with your warm cloth.
If you are not sure how to do this exercise, don’t hesitate to check out your first workout session or our Glossary.

When you want to enlarge your size, the aim is to expand the cavernous bodies of your penis that fill with blood during erection. As these internal tissues grow, so does the length and width of the penis. Of course, the aim is that this growth lasts, isn’t it? As with any workout program, during which our muscles and body are properly warmed up, you are going to warm your penis up, and thus prepare for the workout ahead. You will thus increase blood flow in these cavernous bodies and optimise your exercise routine. This is how you work out in the best possible conditions!
Ready to warm up!
Let’s move on to the Testicle Massage
After a proper warm-up, we move on to what we call testicle massage.

The testicle massage helps you keep your penis in great shape: it promotes better blood circulation to your testicles and helps you determine whether they are in good condition. Scrotum stretching will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state after only a few sessions. Since the testicles are responsible for making sperm and testosterone, this complete massage is also helpful for increasing testosterone levels, boosting, as a result, your sex drive, while simultaneously facilitating sperm production and improving sperm count.

You have just finished your HTW, your testicles are hot and your skin is more pliable to stretch and massage.
Now apply a healthy dousing of lubricant into your palms and really work it into your testicles skin, covering all viable area with lubricant. Begin to massage all surrounding areas of your testicles, but not the testicles directly. Massage in between the testicles with a pumping motion using your thumb. Massage at the base, pulling down as you massage. Length: 3 minutes.
Now take your hands with your fingers spread apart and grip your testicles at the root and lightly pull them down, bring them back up, then pull them down again, over and over, for about 3 minutes.
Lightly apply pressure to your testicles, massaging them while doing so.

You can also alternate this stretch with the Power Stretch which is also a technique that should not be overlooked. For 3-5 minutes, encircle the base of your testicles using your thumb and index finger, and squeeze until your testicles are tight together. With the other hand, massage them in a circular motion. This exercise promotes better blood circulation to your testicles and boosts testicle sensitivity.

Due to these different massage techniques that improve blood flow, not only will your testicles be stretched out, but they will also be lower hanging, fuller feeling and heavier.

PC Clamps (level 3)
Here we are at level 3 of PC muscle exercises. Start out by squeezing and relaxing for a good 30 flexes.

Then flex as hard and as deep as you possibly can. When you cannot squeeze any deeper, hold where your are at for a 20 count. It is important for you to stick with this particular limit over time, you will thus work your PC muscle more intensely and strengthen it. Then rest for 30 seconds and release the pressure.

Repeat 5 times. After a month or so of exercising, you should be able to do squeeze and hold sessions for about 10 minutes. This particular exercise has a very precise purpose: it will give you harder erections and the ability to last as long as you want in bed. Eventually, work your way up to 10 sets of 2-minute long holds. It may sound like a lot now, but wait until you start to see the benefits!

Let’s practice the Squeeze and Flex now
We are now going to move on to an exercise which was created not only to strengthen and harden your erections, but also to give you great ejaculatory control, power and increased volume.


Achieve a hard erection, making sure not to ejaculate at this point. Once you reached that hardness, flex your PC muscle as tight as you can and massage yourself at the same time. As you flexed, you should have noticed your erection fill with more blood in your member, and feel much harder. This shows that, the more developed your PC, the harder your erections will be, so you have every interest to work it as often as possible.
Do this again, only continue to flex and relax your PC until your erection becomes quite soft. Massage yourself to a hard erection again, then hold a strong PC flex to make your erection harder. Once you feel like your PC is becoming weak, relax but continue to massage. Flex your PC and hold again. Continue until your feel like you are reaching an orgasm, making sure not to ejaculate at this point.


Once the feeling for reaching orgasm becomes strong, flex your PC as tight as you can, breathing in deeply through your mouth. Visualise your semen contracting back into you while you continually squeeze your PC tighter and tighter.
Perform this again, massaging yourself until you feel the urge to ejaculate is inevitable. Once you are sure that you are going to climax, squeeze your PC as hard as you can while breathing in through your mouth deeply. Continue to squeeze and tighten your PC muscle to keep from ejaculating. Imagine your semen starting over. Continue to squeeze your PC tighter until the urge to ejaculate has vanished.

Do this ejaculatory control exercise 10 times, making sure not to ejaculate during the exercise.
If you do ejaculate, you need to develop your PC muscle much more than it is, and I’m here to help you!

The benefits of the Length Xtender
The Length Xtender, also called A-Stretching, stretches your penis longer by varying the intensity due to a special pulling technique. You should feel the stretch in the middle of your penis and at the base.

These exercises stretch out the central tendon-like tissue in your penis and lengthens your member in both its erect and flaccid state. The Length Xtender simulates the best part of weight hanging without all the risk. It stretches your penis out at your own pace, and also allows your frequent stops to return circulation to the head of your penis. It also incorporates a under gripped pulling of the testicles to stretch out and lengthen the skin connecting the testicles to the penis, giving you a more hung appearance and lower hanging testicles. This exercise also promotes an increase in testosterone and sperm count.


In a sitting position, make sure your penis is in complete flaccid state and grasp around the head of your penis, not too tight to cause pain but just to ensure a tight grip. Pull your penis directly out in front of you until you feel a good stretch in the middle of your penis. Hold this stretch for a 10 count and repeat 3 more times. Now slap your penis against your leg about 50 times to get the blood back.
Next, grasp around your penis again, only this time, pull it to your far left, and then to the right.
To increase your chances of success, we will be practicing this exercise for one month before we move on to the advanced session of the Length Xtender

Some say they have experienced a gain of at least 1.9 inches in length only by doing this exercise!

Let’s practice the basic Jelq now (for a few weeks!)
Over the next two months, we will be practicing together a well-known massage commonly called the basic Jelq, before we can move on to the next level.

During the first month, we will be practicing the basic Jelq until you have completely mastered it.
During the second month, we will take our training to another level, so as to set the results!

During this first month, gently massage your penis to achieve a partial erection and get the blood flowing to your penis. Wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of the penis: the blood is then held within the penis. Slowly slide your thumb and forefinger circle tightened to the head of your penis, forcing blood to concentrate in the erectile tissue and glans. The cavities of the corpora cavernosa become larger every time the penis is milked out.

As one hand milks forward to the beginning of the head, grasp around the base of the shaft just like before with the other hand.
Release the hand that has reached the head and repeat with the other hand, over and over again at one-second intervals.

20 minutes is the least amount of time you need to spend on a continuous Jelq session. Start out slow, and build yourself up where you should be.
If you find it hard to hold on this longer, start off with shorter sessions, but make sure you stick to this duration until the second month.

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